Autochthonia, the Realm of Brass and Shadows.

The Body of a Primordial, home to uncountable deava and millions of mortals. Ah, a paradise of the worker led by the greatest minds and guarded by the Champions. Guided by the three gifts Autochthon gave to humans: Faith, Doctrine, and Tools.
Oh but such a world is in it’s dying days
Resources run low, the eight nations turn on one another. Void cults herald only darkness as the souls of the Great Maker turn upon him. The people are desperate. Some look inward, trying to cure the Great Maker of the plague that destroys his systems. Some look outwards, towards the Eight Seals of Divinity and the Creation beyond.

The Invisible Hand is moving, guiding destiny in a Realm outside fate.

Who can say what will happen?

Invisible Hand

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